Hello, and welcome to Vitaminsboy.com, a daily journal of all things about your health and lifestyle.

My name is James Opena, but my friends (that’s you now) call me The Vitamins Boy.

I’m nutrition and lifestyle coach that has spent the last 3 years teaching people how to perform their best and unlock their potentials ! However…jameslocked

My goal is to take a long hard look at the daily health grind and separate the noises surrounding the food supplement industry. Every day we hope to bring a digest of the hottest health stories and intelligent and informed commentary on the industry as whole.

No greasy kid stuff here-this is all meat (or should I say all the good nutrients for your body) that will keep you connected, entertained, and educated. We have a great global audience -you-and you’re the folks to whom I am going to deliver daily missives from the heart of well-being.

I have one request, if you are serious in changing somebody’s  life, please share this site to someone you love ASAP. If you’re  a health nut or a gym rat in the house of fitness, please send your tips or advises at JamesEdric@vitaminsboy.com.

That said, let’s get started living and love life. If there’s something you’d like to see or just feel lonely, drop me an e-mail. Let’s have some fun.

To your Success,


James Opena




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